When you care about your customers, they care about you.

We understand our customers take care over every new home and development that they design and build, to ensure that their home owners can relax and enjoy life in their new house.

All new buildings go through a 'settling' period after construction and during this time we understand that minor defects may occur, which is where our teams of highly qualified technicians become available to complete works from creaking floor boards, settling cracks and minor condensation issues. This ensures our clients maintain their invaluable reputations.

Our in-house new build after care team gives peace of mind assuring your new property owners that soon enough they will be enjoying the full benefits of living in their new home.

In support, we have appointed a new build after care manager and administrators to work alongside our customers to bring the home up to the home owner’s expectations.


David Jones

Customer care manager

Lisa Green

Client account co-ordinator

Hannah Busby

Client account co-ordinator